Subscription Plans

3D Models per month
Core models
Essentials models
Signature models


1 annual payment of €588

9 models / month (€5.44 / model)
3 Core
3 Essentials
3 Signature


1 annual payment of €828

18 models / month (€3.83 / model)
6 Core
6 Essentials
6 Signature


1 annual payment of €1188

36 models / month (€2.75 / model)
12 Core
12 Essentials
12 Signature

Subscription key benefits:

  • Choose from all 3d models
  • Industry best prices
  • Instant downloads
  • Rollover unused monthly downloads
  • Upgrade at any time
  • Allows additional on-demand / prepay orders
  • Free redownloads

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ and Support
How can I cancel my subscription?
Technically you can’t cancel your subscription. Instead you can just turn off “Auto renew” option in Account > Subscriptions. This way your subscription will simply expire at the end of the 12 months commitment period.
Will I lose any remaining/unused downloads when my subscription expire?
Yes. Any remaining/unused downloads will only transfer if your subscription auto renews.
What is Design Connected's subscription refund policy?
We don’t offer refunds on subscriptions. When you subscribe you are obligated to pay for the full 12 months commitment period. But this is the only way we can offer you 3d models at the industry lowest prices.
What if I’ve reached my download quota but I need more 3d models?
You can just upgrade your current subscription plan (unless you’re on Business plan which currently is the highest tier). Alternatively you can always purchase more models using the standard On-demand or Prepay purchase options.
Do I get access to all Design Connected 3d models with a subscription?
Yes and No. You are allowed to choose from all available Design Connected 3d models but each subscription comes with a monthly download limit:
  • With “Personal” you’ll get 9 3d models per month (3 core, 3 essential and 3 signature)
  • With “Professional” you’ll get 18 3d models per month (6 core, 6 essential and 6 signature)
  • With “Business” you’ll get 36 3d models per month (12 core, 12 essential and 12 signature)
Do I get Models sets, Collections and Textiles with a subscription?
No. Only 3d models are included with a subscription. For all other products (Models sets, Collections and Textiles) you can use the on-demand purchasing option as they already include great discounts.
What are Core, Essentials and Signature 3d models?
We’ve separated our 3d models in three groups based mostly on their complexity and, respectively, price.
  • Core” group is consisted of more simple 3d models like tables, storage and similar.
  • Essentials” is the largest group consisted of lots of seating furniture, lightings and many others.
  • Signature” groups the best of Design Connected. These are our highest quality, most complex, most recent and bestselling 3d models.
What do I get with a subscription?
Depending on the subscription plan you choose you’ll be able to download 9, 18 or 36 models of your choice per month (monthly download quota). Or these are 108, 216 or 432 3d models per year!
Your monthly downloads contain an equal number of 3d models from our Core, Essential and Signature collections. For example with a Professional subscription you’ll have а maximum of 6 Core, 6 Essential and 6 Signature 3d models or a total of 18 monthly downloads.
Does any unused downloads rollover for the next months of my subscription?

Yes. The number of unused downloads rollover for all next active months of your subscription. However the maximum number of rollover downloads is 9 (Personal), 18 (Professional) and 36 (Business) per model group (Core, Essentials, Signature) depending on your subscription plan.

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