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Design Connected Asset Library for Revit

Elevate your Schematic Design and Design Development workflows in Revit using superior assets of curated interior products.

Replace the generic CAD blocks with inspiring design objects that complete your architectural spaces.

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Connect to an Ever-Expanding Library

Subscribe for instant access to 700+ high-quality, photorealistic furniture assets in various categories, including seating, lighting, and other interior objects, each selected for its exceptional design and relevance.

As we constantly add new and inspiring pieces to our Revit asset library, your design palette expands, ensuring you always have fresh assets at your fingertips to make compelling presentations directly in Revit to stakeholders and clients during the design phase.

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Visual Browsing and Streamlined Workflows with Connecter DAM

Add our Connecter Digital Assets Management app to your Revit assets workflows to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Connecter shows native previews for all RFA families, making browsing your asset library a more visual experience. You can add or automatically generate high-fidelity custom previews for a comprehensive glimpse into each asset.

Connecter also shows preview thumbnails and properties of all family types within a family, empowering you to make informed design decisions confidently.

From Connecter, you can add selected families or family types directly to your projects in Revit with a simple drag and drop.

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Connecter Suite SaaS empowers your team with its collaborative features in the hybrid working realm.

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Ready to Connect? Here's How It Works.

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Save 80% with a limited-time early bird offer. Pay 119 EUR for the first year instead of 599.

If you choose to renew from the second year and beyond, enjoy the reduced 99 EUR renewal fee.


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Renewing your subscription

Renewing your subscription after the first year ensures your design arsenal remains fresh and up-to-date as you receive every new asset added to our library. Our commitment to innovation means continuously expanding our offerings, with plans at least to double our current asset count within a year with new assets added on baches regularly.

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A Note on Economic Wisdom

Deciding to renew goes beyond ensuring constant access to the best content; it's a wise financial judgment. Should you decide to take a break, you're always welcome back. However, re-entry would require the initial fee, adjusted to reflect the library's growth since your departure, resulting in a cost much higher than your initial 119 EUR investment.

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Step into a world where the quality of your Revit assets directly enhances your architectural spaces.



Subscribing to Design Connected Asset Library for Revit is the only way to receive these products. You will not just get the entire set but also all new ones that will be constantly added. You can choose to be notified of any updates to the existing assets, like new materials and variations.
For your convenience, the library is separated into several archives around 1 GB. You can choose to download them all at once or one by one. After subscribing, you will receive a link to a dashboard, from which you can re-download the library as many times as you want as long as your subscription is active.
Yes, while you have an active subscription, you will have complete access to the library and all newly added assets. If your subscription expires or is canceled, you will no longer be able to re-download the assets, but you can keep using what you’ve already downloaded.
All Revit families are converted with Design Connected’s proprietary technology originating from high-poly 3ds Max assets. They are enhanced for optimal performance while keeping the details astonishingly close to photorealistic 3D models used in visualization software. The assets also have 2D-view plans, offering two levels of detail and automatically adapting to your plan view settings.
The Design Connected Asset Library for Revit is tested and supports versions 2019 and above. If you have any issues with the assets, please contact our support team.

Don’t hesitate to contact us