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Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to register an account to buy models?
Yes. A free account registration is required in order to purchase and download any 3d models from Design Connected catalogue. Sign-up now
Do my prepay money expire?
No. Your prepay balance is active for an unlimited time.
How can I download again a 3d model that I have downloaded before?
You can download at no additional charge any previously downloaded models directly by clicking on the Download model icon or the Download model button which are available for all successfully purchased models.

Additionally you can download again your models from the Downloads page in the Account management section where all your successfully purchased models and all past downloads are logged.
How to download the model(s) I have just purchased?
You can download your purchased models at the Downloads page. Please, note that when you log in the system will automatically allow you a direct download using the Download button available for all the models you have purchased.
I need an invoice on my company’s name.
An invoice for your order will be automatically generated using the Billing details you have provided during the payment process. If you’d like to have your invoice issued using different details just check the “My business details are different then my billing details” option on the Payment details page and fill in the info required.
Is Design Connected free to join?
Yes, it’s free to join and create your personal account at www.designconnected.comSign-up now >>
Is there a time limit for downloading a 3d model?
No. All successfully purchased models are permanently stored in your Downloads page and will be available for unlimited number of downloads/re-downloads.
The 3d software I use does not support any of the file formats you offer. What should I do?

You can use the Request button in the "Available 3d file formats" table on each product’s page to send us a custom file format request. Here's how it's done: 

Request format from product page

Here's how you can do it from the Downloads section of your account:

Request format from Downloads

We do not charge additional fees for file conversions, but please, note that some 3d file formats might not be availabe for a particular model.


What are my payment options?
You can make a payment using Visa/MasterCard credit/debit card directly on Design Connected or you can choose the PayPal payment option.

Additionally a bank transfer option is available. Please, note that In order to have your order processed without any delays you will need to send us an email confirming that the bank transfer has been done.

Where is the record of all my orders and downloads?
We record each purchase and downloads you make. Simply log into your account and choose between Orders or Downloads sections for more details.
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