Free and visual creative assets management for 3d, AEC and design professionals.

Drop the mess. With Connecter working with thousands of 3d models, BIM files, Materials, HDRIs, Images and Videos is organized, productive, and visual.

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A powerful desktop browser for
your local content libraries

The perfect visual browsing experience

With Connecter, you have a clean visually-oriented index that makes browsing, organizing, and consuming of your local asset libraries efficient and less time-consuming. Preview all types of content with fast-loading visual thumbnails, interactive 3d viewer, custom previews,
and more . . .

I've kept an eye on asset-management software for many years, and most offerings have been unwieldy and a bit daunting, and not particularly user-friendly. Connecter has simplified the process a great deal, and made browsing through our libraries and keywording assets really easy, enjoyable and productive.

Alex York
Co-Founder of Recent Spaces

Easy teamwork
Connecter shared workspace is the team's centralized source of truth for your ever growing assets library.

  • Instant setup of a team workspace for assets metadata sharing.
  • The whole team collaborates on assets organizing and cataloging.
  • All changes and updates instantly synchronized with the whole team.
  • Users’ roles with view or edit permissions.
Adieu, tedious browsing of hierarchical file folders! Finding assets is so easy and quick with our shared tags system.
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All our content stays local on our network. It’s now so easy to curate, use and update thousands of assets!
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blue hat
I love the clean and elegant interface! Compared to the other visually-outdated tools we use, working with Connecter is a breeze.
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SaaS for demanding teams
of all shapes and sizes.

server box server box

SaaS for demanding teams
of all shapes and sizes.

Unlimited team members, user management with granular permissions settings, Web Catalogs, notifications, and more.

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Smart integrations with your favorite tools

Connecter natively integrates with a growing range of popular software to offer streamlined workflows based on effortless drag & drop interactions, smart merging, batch previews generation, and easily adding and updating existing assets.

3DS Max 3DS Max
video play
Revit Revit
video play
Cinema 4D Cinema 4D
video play
Rhino Rhino
video play
Blender Blender
video play
UnrealEngine Unreal Engine
video play
SketchUp SketchUp
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Мore features to streamline assets management,
usage workflows and collaboration

Previewing assets

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Image files and video

Showing natively previews for popular image files: HDRI, EXR, PSD, animated GIF, TIFF, TGA, and others. Play videos conveniently with Connecter’s built-in player.

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Natively showing embedded previews for 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, Revit, Rhino, Blender, SketchUp and Autocad assets.

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Interactive previewing of
3d assets

OpenGL viewer for interactive exploration of popular 3d formats: Cinema 4D, Lightwave, Blender, Collada, FBX with animation, OBJ, 3DS, DXF and STL.

icn features

Custom previews with

Add a custom-generated custom preview or a gallery of previews to any asset. Use auto-assign tools to automate the assigning of custom previews to assets.

icn features

3ds Max material

Previewing the content of .mat library assets. View, rename, copy, or move materials from one library to another in Connecter.

icn features


Previewing family types within a Revit family asset with thumbnails and type parameters.

icn features


Real-time interactive previewing of Substance assets.

icn features

IES photometric

Visual previewing of IES photometric assets.

icn features

BVH motion capture

Previewing of animated data in BVH assets.

icn features

PBR textures

Real-time interactive visualization of custom sets of PBR textures.

Browsing and searching

icn features

Only what’s

Connecter shows you only what’s relevant to your work. You choose which file formats to see and which irrelevant asset types to hide.

icn features


Quickly narrow searches to smaller subsets of assets with advanced filtering by asset type, file format, version and render engine, tags, and more.

icn features

Color coding

Color code folders and tags for more visual browsing.

icn features

Tags with
custom icons

Choose from 70+ awesome predefined icons or install your own custom icons sets with Connecter Server.

icn features


Option to show assets in subfolders to quickly get a full view of what’s in a selected folder’s tree.

icn features


Option to combine similar or related assets in “Stacks” for a more clean and compact browsing experience.

icn features

Fast search

Multiple searching options for folders, tags, and assets plus flexible search with wildcards.

icn features

Quick filter

Fast filter the assets view by typing an asset’s name.

icn features

Folders filtering

Conveniently hide irrelevant folders or apply a global filter by adding folder names in the Ignore Folders list.

Organizing assets

icn features


Move away from the tedious browsing of assets buried deep in hierarchical file folders with a powerful tags system with hierarchy, color coding, custom icons, quick filter, and more.

icn features

Operations with

Copy, move, rename, and delete assets conveniently within Connecter as you’d do it in Explorer.

icn features

Operations with

Copy, move, rename, create new, or delete folders conveniently within Connecter.

icn features


Starring your favorite assets to quickly find what matters most.

icn features


Hide assets you don’t need to have a clearer view on what matters most.

icn features


Add explanatory searchable assets’ descriptions.

icn features

Find duplicate

Get rid of duplicates and variations of assets with a powerful tool to search, review/compare, and quickly remove unwanted or outdated content.

icn features

Manage missing

Relocate files that have changed their paths.

Team collaboration

icn features


All assets metadata is stored in a locally-hosted workspace shared with all team members*.

icn features


All changes on assets metadata are instantly synced with the shared workspace and across all Connecter’s running instances.

icn features Server


Manage team member accounts with flexible custom permissions.

icn features Server


Getting notified when someone makes changes in the shared assets catalog.

icn features Server

Rating assets

Team-contributed assets ratings.

icn features Server

Usage stats

See per-user activity reports.

icn features Server

Web Catalogs

Browse assets’ previews and metadata on the web and share curated catalogs with clients, contractors, and stakeholders.

icn features

Connecter paths

Share direct links to any subset of assets with other team members.

* Connecter Server SaaS subscription is required for teams of more than 5 members. On-premise/VPC or public cloud hosting options available with Connecter Server.

More powerful features

icn features

Linking your Design Connected account to sync downloaded product assets and metadata.

icn features

PDF catalogs

Export assets PDF catalogs to share with clients and contractors.

icn features


Set it to create automatic backups or save the workspace in a safe location every time you close the app.

icn features

Compare image files

Compare up to 4 images in a tool that’s perfect for checking for output images or exploring references.

icn features

Tile image files

See if a texture is seamlessly tileable without leaving Connecter.

icn features

Manage external files
(MEF) for *.max and *.mat assets

Control the external resources of your 3ds Max files without the need to open them in Max.

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