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Connecter Server unleashes the collaboration capabilities of visual artists and creative teams. It comes with powerful exclusive features like:

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I get instant notifications when someone makes updates or adds new assets to the library so I’m always up-to-date.

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I can instantly use new assets’ metadata contributed by my teammates. Love the previews Martin in our London office added to our library!

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Having an overview of the project pipeline saves me a lot of time from switching between apps, and I feel more connected with the in-house team and their workflow.

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IT Manager

I can create and manage team workspaces and user accounts with custom permissions from the team portal. I can even bulk-invite new users!

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Team Manager

I can see details about how each of our team members uses the assets library.

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BIM / Design Technology Manager

I have full visibility over our assets libraries with detailed information about all changes done in the workspace by the team.

Version Control toolkit designed for visual artists

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Goodbye, “_v13_final_final”

Take complete control over your asset’s content, while keeping your whole team in sync with its status. Each version will be safely stored in a cloud solution of your choice or a local server. Connecter will handle versioning, and give you options to roll back, review, and even make variations. All of this, while keeping everyone informed about the status of their local content, and showing the crucial visual information that every artist thrives on.

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Hello, increased productivity with Workflows!

This brand new flexible organizational feature allows you to transfer your project’s pipelines inside Connecter. Thus, it will minimize the time spent switching between project management solutions by keeping the statuses and comments where your assets live. Your team will thank you for that!

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Connecter’s Version Control runs on most major cloud storage that you may already use. Its powerful compression mechanism will also save you space. Alternatively, you can set it up on your NAS or even local shared folder. You aren’t gonna be locked to costly proprietary storage without a way out.

Learn how to set up your storage

Web Catalogs

Browse assets’ metadata on the web and share curated catalogs with
clients, contractors or stakeholders.

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Design Lead

I can use Web Catalogs to visually browse our entire assets library to create and share with the team curated assets selections for our projects. And I don’t even need to have Connecter installed on my laptop.

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I can easily pick the assets I like to be used in my project. It saves me so much time and keeps everything organized in one place.

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Connecter Server offers reliable management and high-performance synchronization of digital assets’ metadata allowing local or distributed team members to easily find content within workspaces hosted on Connecter Server platform, on-premises, or on public/private cloud services. It comes with a web-based “Team portal” for teams and members management with granular access permissions controls, usage stats, and more.
Connecter Server is offered as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) and is licensed on a monthly subscription basis. There are four price tiers based on the maximum number of concurrent users: for up to 5, up to 10, up to 15, and up to 20 users. Custom subscription plans are available for larger (or smaller) teams. Please, contact us for a custom quote, if you don’t fit the predefined plans.
No. Connecter Server doesn’t mess with your actual files - they stay where they are: on your local network or any other assets sharing setup you use - but only manages the metadata (e.g. tags, descriptions, local paths to files, etc.) your team adds to those files in Connecter in order to organize them in a neat assets catalog.

Each subscription includes free hosting on the Connecter Server platform with a one-click workspace setup. Shared workspaces can also be self-hosted on-premises (e.g. local network servers, remote managed servers, etc.) or on a public/private cloud service. The self-hosted option will require the setting up of a PostgreSQL database where all workspaces data* will be stored and managed.

*Workspace data don’t include the actual assets and their previews. Multiple setups are available for shared access to assets files and previews.

While user-generated data stored in your team workspaces can be hosted and managed on-premises, Connecter Server still requires its cloud-based services to run teams and user management and web-based applications like Web Catalogs. In other words, you will always need an internet connection in order to use Connecter Server.

If you already have a shared workspace with your team, you may consider Connecter Server solution for the following reasons:

  • you’ve reached the maximum allowed number of 5 connections to the shared workspace;
  • you have a distributed team that needs a globally-accessible shared workspace that is not limited within the local network only;
  • you want to have your team using meaningful Connecter users accounts with granular access permissions;
  • want to publish assets metadata on Connecter Server’s Web Catalogs web-based application to share curated catalogs with team members and external partners;
  • want to get notifications about changes in the workspace and user’s usage information.

Yes. In Connecter from Tools, select Migrate Workspace and pick one of your existing shared workspaces. If you need you can extract the existing custom previews to a folder that is accessible by your whole team. We recommend placing it where you store your assets.

Keep in mind that If you want to use Connecter Server from multiple locations (outside your office), all assets should be hosted in a place accessible to all users - the easiest way is using some cloud service like Dropbox, Drive, etc.

Your Connecter Server monthly subscription plan limits the number of concurrent users having simultaneous access to a shared workspace within your team. There’s no limit on how many team members you can add to your team but only the subscription plan-determined number of them can access your shared workspaces at any given time.

If the maximum number of active users is reached, you can upgrade to a higher subscription plan.

All information about teams and members is hosted and managed on Design Connected servers through a convenient web portal.

All team members can be invited (or restricted) and assigned to different workspaces with the respective access rights.

All information about your team and members is hosted on Design Connected platform and is being managed through a convenient Team web portal, which you can find here.

A maximum of 10 workspaces can be created within a team, where each one can be shared with a different number (limited by the active subscription plan) or/and different members. If you reach this limit and want more, please, contact our support team.

Yes, you can use Microsoft’s Azure AD Single Sing-On to manage your users and synchronize them with the Team Portal. Learn how to set it up here.

Expect more single sign-on options in the future.


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