Delivering better 3D models for interior design


When we’ve launched in 2009 there weren’t many sources for 3d models. Mostly, there were marketplaces with crowd sourced content and low quality. Something we are not.
From day one we are delivering quality. All 3d models are created by in-house artists. Produced with technical precision. Curated by experienced interior designers. Collaborated with the best manufacturers of design furniture. Represented as art.
Now, there are many sources of 3d models with fine quality. We continue to be ahead. Everyday we are improving and updating. Keeping tabs on the trending rendering engines. Adding support for more file formats. In the end, you receive a better service.

Design Connected - The Company

We’ve grew a lot. We are more mature now. We are more than a source of outstanding 3d models of designer furniture.
Our projects in short:

CG Connected

our take on marketplace filled with high quality CG content. Everything you couldn’t find on is (or will be) there.


we’ve launched a free desktop app that helps you manage and browse CG assets. The 3ds Max users have access to extra features. The app comes with 5 premium Design Connected models.

ArchiConnected AG

is the name of our joint venture with Architonic AG. You probably know about them. They are one of the biggest and most prestigious online resources about architecture, design, products and materials. Soon you will see the first results of our collaboration.

Core Values

Empowered by design

We live and breathe design. We believe that good design should bring beauty in life and create delightful experiences.

Curated & inspiring

Our goal is not only to provide high quality 3d content. We carefully select every piece to create a catalog for our customers that is both useful and inspiring.

Always improving

We won't stay still. Ever. We are constantly improving our products and services. Adding new models, features, formats and updating the old ones.

Our Mission

To provide interior design and archviz professionals with highest quality 3d models to easily create photo-realistic CG presentations. We exist to empower everyone to create better interior design presentations.

Our Vision

Visualizing interior design ideas in 3d can be easy, fast and beautiful.

Clients & Partners

Designconnected 3D Studio
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