Product description

Marque:  Parketthaus Scheffold, Germany Identité Design Connected: 9827

Highest quality and ready-to-use CG material for your creative work.
Herringbone Natural Oak Flooring consists of 20 separate planks, each photographed at 4K resolution for maximum detail. That’s almost 2 square meters of digitized area!  

By purchasing this Herringbone Natural Oak Flooring by Parketthaus Scheffold CG material you get:

  • 20 separate unique planks at 4290 x 645 px which is 0.12m x 0.8m in real-world size (each one available as a set diffuse, bump, reflection and glossy textures in JPG format - 80 high resolution textures in total);
  • 20 separate ready-to-use V-Ray shaders (available as both 3ds Max *.max and Material Library *.mat files);
  • All 20 V-Ray shaders in a single Multi/Sub-Object Material (available as both *.max and *.mat files);
  • All 20 V-Ray shaders ready to use with MultiTexture Map plugin (available as both *.max and *.mat files).

The interior rendering in this product’s gallery is for illustration purpose. The 3d scene and furnishing are not included when purchasing this digitized flooring product.

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