Product description

Identité Design Connected: 11557

This Design Connected Wood Flooring digital product contains 2 ready-to-use groups of 16 plank objects prearranged to cover an area of 4.8 x 5 meters or 24 square meters. Each group has the same 16 unique planks, but in a different color, with a curated selection of different wood textures applied to them.

By purchasing this Grand Fir 01 CG asset, you get:

  • 3ds Max scene (works with 3ds Max 2021 or above) containing all wood planks with V-Ray 6 materials applied, prearranged, and grouped.
  • Two asset sets in different colors of 16 unique diffuse photographed textures in JPG format and a set of corresponding grayscale textures used as bump maps. The physical size of the planks varies between 480 x 23 and 480 x 37 centimeters, with the respective texture sizes in pixels varying between 9600 x 450 and 9600 x 740 px.

See the “How to use” video guide for more details on effectively using this product in your 3d scenes.

The interior rendering in this product’s gallery is for illustration purposes. The 3d scene and furnishing are not included when purchasing this digitized flooring product.

Limited time offer!

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