Product description

Design Connected ID: 11488

Each Design Connected Veneers product starts with carefully selecting the best samples out of hundreds of photos our team makes to capture the unique character of the particular wood. Then, all the pieces are manually matched to find the most balanced and harmonious composition.

This American Walnut 05 veneer comes in 3 curated stylish color variations with different moods harmonizing with the specific wood pattern.

In contrast with the veneers available from other providers, Design Connected Wood Veneers offer textures covering a real-life area with maximum lengths and heights. This makes them perfect for premium interior visualizations with large wood-covered walls, built-in furniture, and other elements.

The textures are seamlessly tileable horizontally and not-tileable vertically. While reflecting that wood patterns are not tileable in real life, Design Connected Wood Veneers come in heights suitable for most typical use cases.  

By purchasing this American Walnut 05 veneer CG material, you get the following:

  • 3 different diffuse JPG textures at 13008 x 8864 px, which is 435 x 295 cm in real-world size for each veneer style;
  • One grayscale texture used as a bump map;
  • 3 ready-to-use V-Ray 6 materials for each veneer style gathered in a single 3ds Max material library asset (*.mat)


The interior renderings in this product’s gallery are for illustration purposes. The 3D scenes and furnishing are not included when purchasing this wood veneer product.

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