Nick Ross Bespoke 1 Stucco

By Domingue Architectural Finishes

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Available colors

Download lower resolution seamless repeat / tileable textures. Full size textures available when downloading the product.

Highest quality and ready-to-use CG material for your creative work. 

Design Connected created this life-like virtual clone of Nick Ross Bespoke 1 in official collaboration with Antoine Architectural Finishes. 

By purchasing this Nick Ross Bespoke 1 by Antoine CG material you get:

  • Two ready-to-use material variants;
  • Seamless textures in ultrahigh 9760 x 9760 px resolution (real-world scale 240 x 240 cm):
    • Diffuse;
    • Bump;
    • Glossiness;
  • Ready-to-use V-Ray 3.6 shader in a Material Library *.mat file;
Designconnected 3D Studio