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You can easily place two Tok® side-by-side, to achieve a stylish look. When the two recliners are placed together, they become part of a conversation area. The perfect place for two people to relax together.
Tok® is the perfect place for active relaxation. Tok® has a fixed angle between the seat and the backrest. Independent of your sitting position, the recliner will always support your body properly whilst providing support for your arms. An excellent combination of aesthetics, functionality and technology.
Comfort knows no bounds and because the chair invites you to move and vary your posture, you can sit comfortably for hours. Your book becomes better. So does the music and the conversation.
The chair provides outstanding comfort for seating and complete relaxation. Tok® is the ideal place to enjoy a good book, listen to music, take a nap or indulge in good conversation.
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