Full CGI scene created for Ribag Akris by Design Connected

About Ribag

A family-owned Swiss lighting company that truly understands the importance of the light. The RIBAG products are simple in form, incorporate innovative technologies and built with sole focus on quality.

Ribag lighting showcased with CGI visuals by Design Connected High-end CGI scene showcasing the products of Ribag Akris Close-up CGI shot showcasing Ribag Akris products - created by Design Connected


Organizing photoshoots for a new product is a tough task. Logistics, locations renting, navigating stylists, photographers and stagehand, fighting with tight deadlines - all in all, traditional photography processes tend to get extremely expensive and lack flexibility. But Ribag, following the proverbial Swiss pragmatic approach, didn’t wait much to leverage CGI.

For their new product - Aroa, Ribag asked us to design six different interior spaces to present this elegant and versatile lighting fixture in various contexts, ranging from residential to corporate and even a museum.

Our team needed three weeks to create the 3d spaces, digitize the Aroa product and produce the six virtual photoshoots.

Ribag Akris' products showcased in full CGI scene by Design Connected

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