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1343 PIU sofa by Intertime - 3d model developed in collaboration with Design Connected

About Intertime

Intertime is Swiss family-owned company founded back in 1965. Its focus on modern streamlined design resulted in a number of prestigious awards like reddot for Jive armchair and iF Product Design Award for the elegant Lax sofa.

2616 AVUS by Intertime - detailed 3d model by Design Connected Intertime's 2737 TANGO - high-end 3d model by Design Connected Detailed 3d model created by Design Connected in partnership with Intertime

What we delivered?

For more than 5 years Design Connected has been digitizing Intertime’s products and producing 3d models in various file formats for company’s internal use and also integration in pCon planner. Download a sample 3d model for Wickie sofa.

Working tightly with Intertime’s technical department, we’ve been able to produce 3d models which recreate the real life products with an extreme accuracy. Most metal parts (e.g. legs, bases, frames, etc.) were modelled on the basis of the 3d models in IGES file format provided by Intertime. All upholstered elements have been sculpted in 3d by our digital 3d artists photo-realistically recreating the natural look of the various leathers and textiles by capturing even the smallest wrinkles and organic curves.

Our team also produced a number of product visualizations for Intertime’s marketing needs.

High-end leather armchair by Intertime - 3d model and CGI by Design Connected Awesomely detailed Intertime's armchair - CGI by Design Connected Intertime's 1283 Link - CGI and 3d model by Design Connected

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