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Ingo Maurer's cult KNÜLLER and LUCELLINO lamps - 3d models and CGI by Design Connected

About Ingo Maurer

Designing lighting masterpieces since the 1960s, Ingo Maurer and his team are responsible for some of the most creative lamps and installations. Often his products are inspired by the mother nature, which is clearly visible in the cult Birds family and the Johnny B. Butterfly.

LUCELLINO by Info Maurer - 3d model developed by Design Connected in partnership with the brand Ingo Maurer's Oscar lamp CGI and 3d model by Design Connected Creative CGI by Design Connected for Ingo Maurer's Oscar


Ingo Maurer’s lighting products combine fascinating forms of light and original allegories in sculptural objects that are certainly not easy to recreate as virtual 3d models.

Our team have been digitizing these amazing design pieces trying to achieve maximum photo-realistic representation. Based on the photographies and precise measurements taken directly at Ingo Maurer’s main showroom in Munich, Design Connected’s 3d artists are able to recreate tough details like elements made of wrinkled paper or gold, or exploding love notes, birds and various insects.

As a result, we’ve been delivering well-optimized 3d models in two essential file formats (3ds and OBJ) plus 2d plan views in DWG, all available for download on Download an example.

In addition, all photo-realistic versions of the 3d models are featured on for the more demanding interior design professionals and archviz studios.

Wo Tum Bu by Ingo Maurer - CGI & 3d model by Design Connected ZETTEL'Z by Ingo Maurer - detailed 3d model and CGI by Design Connected XXL Dome by Ingo Maurer - 3d model created in partnership with Design Connected

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