Full CGI scene created for Hästens MARQUIS by Design Connected

About Hästens

From the saddle to the bed, Hästens story is all about love and passion that spans through over 160 years. Based in Köping, Sweden, the company crafts handmade checkered beds, bed linen, pillows and lifestyle accessories. A true hallmark of quality and comfort.

The development of the CGI scene for Hästens


Hästens wanted us to visualize one of their top products - Marquis bed, in a location that resembles a luxurious nordic lifestyle. Our team came up with a concept for a warm and spacious “million dollar view” villa in a complementing contrast with the melancholic beauty of the landscape.

To accurately represent Marquis bed we carefully digitized the famous blue checkered textile which makes all Hästens products unmistakable. Advanced cloth simulation software and techniques were used to convincingly recreate in 3d the duvet and comfy pillows.

shot_03.jpg Wire image of Hästens Marquis bed
Sample textile we've digitized for Hästens The texture used for Hästens Marquis bed Sample of textile Design Connected digitized for Hästens High-end texture created for Hästens by Design Connected

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