Design Connected | Working with Design Connected Products

Product files.

A complete list of files that come with each particular Design Connected product is located in the Files tab within the product’s pop-up. To show it, hover your mouse over a product, then hover over the icon that appears in the top-left corner and click “Files”.

The list indicates which product’s files are found on your system and which are not.

Matching files to a product.

Once you’ve logged in to your Design Connected account, Connecter will automatically scan the folders you’ve added for files that appear to be part of your Design Connected products (e.g. 3d files, textures, different file formats). All such files will then be highlighted in the Files lists of your products.

Now all your Design Connected files are conveniently matched with the corresponding products and are just one-click away. Simply search or browse for a product in Products panel and then just click it – all matched files are here!

To match files located in a folder you don’t want to add to Connecter, go to the Files tab in product’s pop-up and click on the “Match more files” button, then select a folder and let Connecter match the files.

Adding custom files to a product.

If you appear to have changed or updated a genuine Design Connected file or you’d like to link other files (e.g. more textures, references, file versions or other formats) to a particular product, just click the product and then click “Add files” button from the Files container.

If you want to remove a custom-added file, hover your mouse over the file, then hover the icon that appears in the top-left corner and click “Remove”.