Working With Assets | Files types and formats

File formats

For ease of use, by default, Connecter is showing you only the most common 3d industry’s file formats.

You can find and manage a list of all default file formats organized by type (3d files, Materials, Images and Others) in Settings > File types.

You can also add any other file format you’d like Connecter to display by adding its extension and pressing the + button in Settings > File types > Others.

File types

You can quick filter what file types (e.g. 3d files, Materials, Images) are displayed in Connecter by using the Files drop-down. Check or uncheck the options you need and press “Apply”.

Working With Assets | Hide and remove

Hiding files

Another way to make files you don’t need disappear is to hover your mouse over a file and select “Hide” from the file context menu that appears.

By default the files you hide are not visible. To see your hidden files, go to Files drop-down, check “Hidden files” and press “Apply”.

To unhide a hidden file, first make sure “Hidden files” option in Files drop-down is checked, then hover your mouse over a hidden file and click “Unhide” option from the file context menu.

Removing files

Sometimes you just need to clean up unnecessary files from your folders (e.g. old files, wip files).

In Connecter you can remove such files and keep only the files you actually work with.

Working With Assets | Showing files in subfolders

For a faster and more efficient way of browsing files, Connecter has the convenient feature of showing you all files contained in a folder and all its subfolders. That’s pretty helpful when you’re looking for a file but don’t know in which particular folder it is located.

To use this feature, hover your mouse over a folder, then hover over the context menu icon next to the folder’s name and click “Files in subfolders”. This will list all files in the selected folder and all its subfolders.


Working With Assets | Custom file previews

In Connecter you can add your custom image preview to a file.

Have an awesome render of that 3d model? Just drag and drop it over the file in Connecter. Now it’s much easier to spot the file you’re looking for without needing to open it.

To make things even more versatile, Connecter lets you add multiple images to a file to create a preview gallery.

You can now add previews for all different variants or materials for a 3d model contained within a single 3d file or see references of how you’ve used it in different projects.

Another way to add more images is by clicking  “Add pictures” in the gallery lightbox.

Working With Assets | Missing files

Connecter will show you a file as missing if you’ve added a custom preview(s) to that file or you’ve linked it with a product and:

  • You’ve renamed the file.

  • You’ve deleted the file.

  • You’ve moved the file to a different folder.

  • You’ve deleted or moved the folder in which the file was located.

To add a missing file back you’ll need to restore its original name and location.

By default, missing files are hidden. You can show missing files if you go to the Files drop-down menu and check “Missing files” option.