Installing, Uninstalling and Updating

Installing Connecter

To install Connecter, click on the button above to download the zipped installation, then unzip, double-click the exe. file and follow the steps. It will just take a minute or so.

Uninstalling Connecter

To uninstall Connecter, go to Control Panel > Programs > Programs and Features, locate Connecter in the list and choose to uninstall. It’s gone now but…

… your custom settings are still there for future Connecter installations. If you want to remove all Connecter files and settings from your system select that option when uninstalling.

Updating Connecter

There’s nothing to do! Connecter will automatically check for a new update and install it on the next start.

Installing Connecter MaxScript

The script will be automatically installed the first time you drag and drop asset from Connecter into 3ds Max. Make sure that both applications are running in administrator mode.