Connecter Server | What’s Connecter Server?

Connecter Server offers high performance and reliable digital assets management for large teams through shared workspace database hosted locally, on self-managed servers or in the cloud. It also comes with its own ready-to-use server-based teams and members management with flexible access permissions controls.

Connecter Server | How to start with Connecter Server?

Connecter Server is offered as a SAAS (software as a service) and you will need to start a subscription in order to use it. You start with 30 days free trial and they switch to one of the four available plans (or a custom one matching your needs). Learn more about the subscriptions here.

As part of the subscription you will get cloud server where your workspace data will be stored. You can also choose to set your own by creating a PostgreSQL database on local network server, remote server or private/public cloud service like HerokuMicrosoft AzureAmazon AWS or similar.

Connecter Server | User management

Connecter Server gives you a better way to manage your team's permissions and roles in your workspaces. You will find these advanced settings in your Team portal. There are some specifics:

  • The first user invited to the Team portal becomes the administrator and there is only one. 
  • The administrator doesn't have to be the person who set up the subscription. You can invite anyone by typing his/hers email.
  • The admin have a abillity to invite more users to the team (by email) and assign permissions.
  • There are two standard permission options - "Read/Write" and "Read only".
  • The "Custom" option gives you a full control so take a better look.

Keep in mind that one user can be part of multiple teams and/or workspaces, but you can only have one team within one subscription.

Connecter Server | Workspaces in Connecter Server

You can create up to 10 workspaces in your Team portal. There are two options:

  • Cloud Server - provided and managaed by Design Connected for free as part of the subscription. Your data will be saved 6 months after the last payment. Let's you start using Connecter Server in seconds.
  • Self-hosted Workspace - choose it if you decide to host your own PostgreSQL database. You will have to link it in the Team portal. This option might give you a boost in the performance, but will require administration.

The workspace data don’t include the assets and their previews. This makes the database fairly small, which is a huge benefit if you want to host it on a public cloud service provider like HerokuMicrosoft Azure or Amazon AWS.

Connecter Server | Storing assets and previews

There are multiple options for storing digital assets and previews in a shared workspace environment. First and most important rule is to have all assets accessible to all team members. To ensure that, all assets must be stored on:

  • Shared network folder on a local network PC, server or storage device (NAS, etc.)
  • Local folder with a file sharing service like DropboxGoogle Drive or similar. 
  • Private or public cloud storage services like HerokuMicrosoft AzureAmazon AWS or similar.

Each of them has its pros and cons. It's important to consider whether you want to have access to your assets outside of your office, through a normal internet connection. This will require one of the latter two options.

Connecter Server | Does Connecter Server support single sign-on?

Yes, you can use Microsoft’s Azure AD Single Sing-On to manage your users and synchronize them with the Team Portal. Learn how to set it up here.

Expect more single sign-on options in the future.